After a long day

Sometimes a walk right after work, no matter what time of night, is the most liberating experience of an average day. It was a rough night, working solo for the most part, taking care of multiple things at a time, and doing everything in your power to keep things afloat. Its exhausting! No two ways about it! But, that can’t keep you from walking for 30 minutes. The walk is relaxing. Alone, with the moon and your surroundings, brings peace to the mind. The chaos from work long gone, is overtaken by the peaceful breeze and the pace you decide…no one else does. So many of my clients and would-be clients say they can’t find the energy for a short walk after work, but fail to realize that the walk is a lease on freedom. Fresh air fills your lungs, blood pumps into your legs, and all the stress just falls from your shoulders. Now what could possibly be better than that!? 


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