Education Doesn’t Have to Break You: The New Teacher

There’s a new wave of educators swooping in to take on the mega Universities. They won’t replace University-nor do they wish to- but they provide a great supplement to almost any field of study you’re in. Some are free, some are low cost, and all of them are much cheaper and less soul destroying than the average tuition of the college you went to/are in. 

Below are two great, dynamite options to enhance your field: 




Now, they offer a different concentration of fields. Treehouse offers courses ranging from business to coding, to selling apps and web layouts. on the other hand, offer fields from Universities as Wharton, and Stanford, to offer courses in Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance, Information Security and Risk Management in Context, and Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World. It just depends on what you want to study. You have the control. There are no useless courses you have to take first before you take the course you want. It is straight to the point, and takes you right where you want to be. 

Staying fit isn’t just keeping your body active, but also keeping your mind active. Keeping your brain engaged throughout your life is a great thing, and a great way to spend your life. 



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