» Create Gourmet Coffee Without The Calories

Did I ever mention what a coffee fanatic I am? This looks freakin good.

Fitness Coach Shirley

fitness brownstown mIchiganIf you’re someone who often likes to start your day with a cup of gourmet coffee, you might be seeing the effects of such choices on your waistline. There’s no questioning the fact that those coffee house gourmet coffees are very high in calories, fat, and sugar, so are definitely not going to be doing anything positive for your waistline.

That said, you can easily create your own version of gourmet coffee with a few quick tricks and stick to your diet plan. Here are some simple things to consider.

Add Cinnamon                 

First, to add more flavor, consider simply adding in some cinnamon. Cinnamon will not only provide a hint of sweetness, but studies have shown that those who are regularly taking in cinnamon tend to report better blood sugar control, so this can really serve to benefit your health as well.

Cinnamon is a great resource for those…

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