Where’s the Motivation Really At?

I love the holidays. Winter is my favorite season, and who doesn’t like people putting up bright lights on everything outside? It’s nice. Hell, I’m listening to christmas jazz right now. Why not. But there’s one thing thats been bugging me. Black Friday was just here. Ravaging the planet with massive earth quakes of people stamping each other into the ground to get to the stores. And the stores even extended the time for the crazed shoppers. Still, no time in the morning was too early for so many people. Only a hand full of them looked as if they work out. The rest…were there with everything they had. THEY WERE JACKED UP! 


Why are they the same ones who AWLAYS…..ALWAYS,ALWAYS, always, always, ALWAYS…..say they can’t get up early enough for a quick workout before work or on the weekends. 

Black Friday reveals the TRUTH. 


It’s all in their head. It’s not their bodies saying “NO! NO PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THE GYM!”, nah, it’s really in their heads. At the gym, they don’t see a brand new tv for 99 bucks. Instead they see a lousy hour wasted at a gym sweating and feeling even more tired. Where does this come from? Whenever I go to the gym, and train HARD, I always feel energetic, JACKED UP, and on FIRE! I never feel greater than when I am at the gym. But here these people say it’s the most draining, horrible feeling around…..

Maybe it was gym class as children…. 

Maybe they use to play some sport as a kid…

Or they just pulled this idea out of their ass from all the movies and tv shows they’ve seen who portray this very idea. 

Whatever it is, it’s baseless. Black Friday is fun and productive, they say. What other time of the year can you spend butt loads of money on stuff you actually want? Instead of boring bills, and debt you can’t seem to shake off, this is the time of year when your big nice items are cheap enough to afford. That’s productive! They don’t see going to the gym as “productive”. The means of extending their own lives, and extending their “PRODUCTIVE LIVES” is not an investment, its a waste of time. 

It’s perverse. Really. 

So, if you are one of the big time Black Friday veterans who go gun ho on the stores bright and early, ask yourself why you don’t do the same for the gym. Then think of all the gains you will get back if you went to the gym with the same level of intensity as you do on the retail stores on your favorite holiday. 


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