Is the Cardio Machine Really Necessary?



Truth is, these machines are totally worthless for anyone serious about weight loss. Used correctly, they can be beneficial on multiple levels and CAN enhance your workout, however, most people DO NOT use them correctly and result in NO RESULTS.

What does that mean?

If you, as most people, spend hours a day on a machine like this one, you are in fact wasting your time and energy. The only thing you’ll achieve on this thing is wearing your body down. Fat stores will be encouraged to stick around, and your body will engage in catabolic muscle destruction in order to get energy for your ridiculous workout: THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU WANT. Muscle packs far more energy than the same amount of fat, so your body will rage on that crap so it can push through your 3 or 4 hour cardio blast. So, avoid this.

Should you avoid the cardio machines all together then? Nope.

I use cardio machines, usually the treadmill, to warm up for 3 or 5 minutes at a steady inclined walk. Then I head to the weights. After weight training, I’ll stretch out, and cool down on a stair master for 10 minutes TOPS. I do this for reasons I’ll go into later.

There are also cardio days. Days where you only have cardio for toning. This can be great for 2 days a week, maybe three, depending on your conditioning and what your goal is.  Setting a routine of 30 minutes to an hour is effective, in cycles, with variations. Remember, your body WILL adapt. So you have to keep things changing. Change the speed, the elevation, and switch up the amount of time you spend on cardio. Often, spending LESS time on machines will infect result in a faster rate of FAT BURNING. The tip here is: SWITCH UP THE PACE, AND CHANGE THE ELEVATIONS. Do not stick to the same routine day after day after day…. your body will have adapted to burning less energy by the second day.


Cardio machines can be useful, and effective, but they can be easily abused.


8 thoughts on “Is the Cardio Machine Really Necessary?

    • WAM! Awesome, thats how to do it! MAXIMUM FAT BURNING ACTION.
      As a trainer, I’ve always been annoyed by how many people I would see everyday spend so much time on a machine and do the same thing nonstop.
      Thank you for the compliment! btw

      • It doesn’t seem as daunting and tedious if you do some intense intervals! I was so pissed because I lifted for an hour and only burned a whopping 200 calories. Gimme a break 😦

    • Tons of ideas!
      Look around your home, and theres tons you can work with. If you have a sturdy bag of any size (bag to muscle region ratio) you can do a lot of the same workouts you could do in the gym. Fill up a duffle bag, gym bag, with books or anything heavy.
      1. One arm row- 5 sets of 8’s, slow and controlled
      2. Walking Lunges- till you can’t push your body up.
      3. One arm Press- lay down, and take a full small bag, and press with one arm, 10x’s then switch arms.

      A starting point. There are tons of things you can do at home! Im working on a youtube channel and a book on this actually, there’s just so much you can do without a gym. Let me know how it goes! Hope this helps!

  1. A pet peeve of mine is seeing people run on the treadmills for miles and miles and get no results, and then looking at me as if I’m crazing when I run intervals! lol! I usually run a 3.0 incline and do 1:30 second sprints with 30 seconds rest for about two miles! I do interval training on all cardio equipment and I usually push myself to go up five speeds every day. (Sometimes I make it sometimes I don’t.) Since weight loss is the goal, interval training on cardio equipment is an everyday thing for me! Good article, good information!

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