Don’t Give Up

It’s easy. 

The easiest thing to do. 

What is it?


That’s right, getting up and doing the workout is EASIER than giving up. But why? Because, when you give up your workout, you’re giving up on yourself. There’s a lot of guilt weighing in when you give up on yourself. The lowest of the low can come from giving up on yourself. Sense of doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, can all come from simply giving up on your own health. It’s probably another mechanism for survival that our bodies have adopted over thousands of years. To give up on our own health is to giving up and handing ourselves to the wolves. 

From the perspective of our bodies, they do not care about the excuses we give ourselves. They do not care that this or that component of your life is taking your focus. It doesn’t care how fit other people are. It doesn’t give a damn about the weather. 

Your body is one heck of a machine that is built to harden, get ripped, and take on any amount of weights or distance that is forced upon it. There are various systems installed, hardwired for survival. Hardwired systems designed to utilize energy in the best way possible for any situation. 

It’s up to you if you want the guilt of handing yourself to the wolves, or the joy and elation of picking up that workout and giving your body the freedom it wants.  

Choice is always YOURS. 


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