The Post-Holiday Rush

Each year, ….EVERY YEAR… gyms experience a mad dash run of new gym members. Membership sales through the roof, and the floor is packed. The energy is up, and the hopes of many so high. 

Then after 2 months exactly, attendance drops off the map. 

The gym is once again empty, save for the regular meat heads and the routine class attendees. The Jan/Feb rush dies off, as expected. There is no stopping this. It happens. So, the gyms gear up to extend just by a bit, before the rush dies off. Extending whatever they can is priority number one. A few repeat customers will appear, some will pick up their workout after a few months of being lazy. But most of the rush…. all those high hopes… all those wide eyed smiles of greetings…. 

They come every single year. Same time. Same or worse shape, and come in and do the SAME workout they did the year before. 

2 months and they’re gone, once more. 


Don’t be this. Keep going. You don’t want to be apart of the mass that come in after a year in worse shape. A year flies by faster than we ever believe. 

Good luck!


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