Muscles: Function or Dysfunction?

So, you have a dream or goal set? You want to climb a mountain, or do your first triathlon? Great!
Now, what about the things you need to accomplish this goal?
Have you thought about your support team? How will they feel like they’ve received something in return for all this support?
How will you keep the team harmony alive and well?
So, you have the support team going strong. Now what?

In training to reach your goal, your training must reflect the functional aspect of your goal. Otherwise, once you go out and attempt to reach that goal, your body will not know what to do. It becomes dysfunctional.
If your goal is to pack on 30 pounds of muscle, and cut body fat, but you over do it on one muscle region, your workouts have become dysfunctional. Everything has to be in harmony. If you build up your latissimus dorsi but neglect your rear deltoids, you are in trouble. Dysfunctional, and out of harmony. If you spend two hours doing crunches, and neglect your back, well…. pal, you’re going to end up with overly tight hip flexers and a real bad posture issue. Again, harmony is paramount. Otherwise, your workout becomes a major hindrance to your health.

This video is great, because you runs through some of the most important, multi-phasided approach to functional training and achieving goals.

I hope this video is helpful to you. We all deserve a chance at achieving our dreams and goals. Keeping all the layers balanced will give us a better opportunity to do just that!

Good Luck!


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