Benefits of strength training

All great facts. One of the longest lasting benefits to weight training HAS TO BE the prevention of bone degeneration. Who doesn’t want strong bones? Everyone does. Weight training is highly misunderstood by so many, steering people away from the benefits that could serve them well. Great little post briefly running through the numerous benefits to weight training, this is a superb little reminder why the weight room shouldn’t scare anyone.

Wraps with Holly

As you plan your fitness goals for 2014, don’t forget strength training!


Strength training has so many benefits for everyone! But it can be especially important for women, as it helps to prevent osteoporosis and bone degeneration. When you incorporate resistance training into your fitness plans, it helps to strengthen your bones as well as your muscles.

Resistance training helps to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as showing a notable reduction in PMS symptoms. And if you have a family history of cancer, strength training helps to prevent breast cancer.

for anyone who’s doing cardio work or playing a sport, strength training helps to greatly reduce the risk of injury. It helps to increase range of motion and muscular endurance, and it helps to speed healing when an injury does occur.

Strength training helps to change the composition of your body. It creates more muscle, which burns fat even…

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