It’s Back! $100,000 Transformation Challenge!

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I’m doing it again this year. And although the price money would be great, it’s really more about motivating myself to see how much further I can transform myself. And with 200lbs on me right now, I’m sure there’s a lot of room for improvement.

And this means I’ll be back to food prep, measuring my calories, adjusting my macros, and so forth. It’ll be frustrating at times, I’m sure of it, but I know the end result will be very much worth it.

Plus, I’m using this challenge as a starting point to my eventual goal to compete in a physique competition. So I’m taking this challenge a lot more seriously this year. And if I actually do win something from this challenge, then that’s a great icing on the cake!

The deadline to sign up is this Sunday, January 12. And if this is of interest to you…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Back! $100,000 Transformation Challenge!

    • I don’t yet but I’m working towards it. I have a few friends who compete and I’ve supported them over the years. It is a great motivator. Incredible. It’s a real force.

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