Wheatgrass, awwwww yeahhhhh

Seaturtle Soul


There are few things to believe in the cold, druel world, but one thing that has never failed or disappointing me is the shot glass of liquid sunshine sitting in front of me, also known as wheatgrass.



-can shrink tumors

-can restore fertility in livestock (I have read)

-improves blood sugar issues and liver and kidney issues

-improves digestions

I found all of this on a website, but I can vouch for the value of wheatgrass. When I drink it multiple days in a row my hair looks noticeably shinier, my skin looks noticeably clearer, and I feel wonderful!

Sure the taste is weird, but what’s 2 seconds of minor discomfort if it’ll please your body?
So I say, get your solve some of the liquid sunshine. It’s worth believing in.

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