Caveman Workout!

Sick workout! The only thing I would add are some leg training exercises. At the least, I would have a circuit mirroring this one for legs. Gotta train legs!

Love this circuit. Go ahead and try it, see what you think. Kill it!

3 thoughts on “Caveman Workout!

  1. OMG!!! I’m getting sick just watching him! LOL. I’m no where near even anywhere close to being able to complete 3 minutes of this workout! So awesome though to see how much endurance and how fit the human body can get! WOW!

    • Its pretty sick. A great thing to aspire to! Call me twisted lol Me and my buddies to similar circuits with farmers walk and military presses. It is mayhem! Whats the toughest physical task you have ever taken on?

      • WOW!! That is pretty sick. I have to say that this program has to be it. The Shaun T Focus T25 program which looks like a walk in the park compared to what you guys do. I totally appreciate that kind of commitment and drive. It’s amazing and inspiring!

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