Vanilla Blackberry Chia Pudding {PALEO}


Monday, Monday!  Did you see that exclamation point there?  For a Monday?  Yes!!  The kiddos are back in school today; no snow day, no late start and I just had a great workout.  It is leg day.  I usually loathe leg day.  It’s hard and it hurts, and I feel like I have not seen as big of gains lifting legs as I have with other parts.  But today was great.  I met with my super star lifting buddy and we ran a cool 3.35 miles.  The weather was just right for us to be comfortable in tights and long-sleeve shirts, which is to say that it wasn’t freezing all of my runs in recent history!  Then we hit the weights ,worked hard, grunted and got it done; front squats, Romanian split lunges, dead-lifts.  Done!  Upon arriving home I filled my tummy with some chia pudding, in fact, I have the recipe right…

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