Taking Back Your Workout



After weeks or even months since your last workout, it can seem as though you will never get it back. Say, even if you hit the gym once, an honest attempt to reclaim your progress, the feeling won’t be there and you will be discouraged. This is where so many have fallen off the path to better health and strength. The belief they can do it is GONE. All the hard work and dedication has been washed away and never to be seen again.

I don’t quite fall under those trappings of self doubt, but I use to. Years ago in my first flirtation with weight lifting, I would easily be discouraged by any strength loss resulting from a few weeks off the routine. It took time, but I realized my progress hadn’t been lost. My body didn’t forget how to lift this or lift that. Simply, the muscle tissue stopped holding so much water while I was off. The body does this to save on energy, and gear up energy use for more productive things. But after a break like my most recent one… of a couple or so months, motor neurons can become fewer, resulting a very lack luster sensation at the gym. The mind-muscle connection is gone. But you know, motor neurons only need a day to reconnect, and after a couple days hitting the weights, the pump and thrill is back.

Whenever there is self doubt, remember that there is also science. Just because you BELIVE you shouldn’t be able to lift that weight or run that course like you did months ago, doesn’t mean science is on the same page. Give it a shot. You just might surprise yourself.


One thought on “Taking Back Your Workout

  1. Great post! I’m finding it discouraging not being able to exercise to my full potential with me being pregnant! It’s going to be tough getting my fitness back to the same level it was pre pregnancy but I’m looking forward to the challenge! šŸ’ŖšŸ˜€

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