New Project to Recycle!

Part of health and wellness is finding a center for your life. Sadly, too much of that process results in destructive things, such as trash. To reduce my own and others footprint on landfills and wasted material, I have been collecting beer bottles. One great way to repurpose them is to create home decor. It is CRAZY to throw away glass. CRAZY! So, I made some bottles and gave arts and crafts a whirl. Repurposing glass objects; my new hobby.


Give me your feedback and your own stories of refurbishing, repurposing, recycling, and doing your part to create a healthy life for you and the planet!


3 thoughts on “New Project to Recycle!

  1. I think you are so right. Since I’ve been adopting a healthy lifestyle I’ve found myself naturally thinking about productive and wholesome activity and sustainability, I’ve started growing some food stuffs, composting, recycling more and just today I’ve been talking about upcycling some old furniture rather than buying new stuff. I think reducing waste and creativity go hand in hand with being healthy, it’s almost like a more tangible need to create mirroring the creation of our new self.

    I love the bottle idea. I recently replaced my hall stairs and landing carpet and used the old carpet instead of weed fibre to lay under my new gravel path in the garden. I’m planning on taking the front off some old acoustic guitars, painting them and putting a shelf across the middle and hanging them on my guitar mad son’s music room wall with his miniature rock hero models on them.

    • That’s awesome! Sounds like you’re really into this! It’s just crazy to throw away high value material, especially if it can be refurbished and used by someone else. Reusing material like glass, wood, metal, copper, etc is not only the right thing to do, but it just makes sense! Being healthy isn’t just about taking care of our bodies, but it’s also about becoming mindful occupants on a planet that gives us everything we need to live. Doing so allows us to grow more centered, relaxed, and happier to know that we are doing something productive. Throwing away so much is unhealthy, wasteful, and unproductive. So, it’s great to hear about projects such as yours are happening, and hope that more people will read this and find ways they can reuse their stuff. Thanks for sharing your story!

      • You are so right. I just started doing Tai Chi on the beach this week and it has heightened my awareness of how wonderful the things we take for granted are, the air, sea, sky, water, sand, waves, birds things we just walk on by every day. I love that you have put into words my new awakening. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

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