A new adventure!

It has been way too long since my last post! I have been busy with some new and exciting things.

After turning 30, yes, 30. I decided I needed to reach some new goals. Being as intellectually curious as I am, I decided to dive full-time in learning iOS Development. Code has been a hobby of mine for about a year now, and it has become an obsession. Life fitness, iOS development has become a puzzle I MUST figure out!  In my quest to become a Junior iOS Developer, I designed my own iOS Bootcamp to learn both Swift and Objective-C programming languages, where I will finish with a portfolio of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps. To chronicle this journey, I started a new blog just for this. I posted the entire bootcamp outline, full calendar, and I will be including plenty of screen shots of my progress. Later, there will be video, especially of the apps I develop!

This might seem like it has nothing to do with fitness, and perhaps, for many in the tech industry, it DOESN’T. In fact, fitness is probably the last thing on a developer’s mind. Many of them are probably out of shape. I am of a different mind. I believe keeping the mind sharp by continuously learning a skill set like programming is a healthy and important thing. It is very much in line with staying fit!

So, in the next three months during my iOS Bootcamp program, I will be keeping in touch on THIS blog keeping you updated on my quest for 10 more muscle pounds, and how I am juggling exercise with a heavy programming workload. It is not impossible! You could say this is my own little experiment, and I am the lab rat.

If you would like to follow my bootcamp progress, my blog is:



I hope to see you there! I appreciate your support!




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