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I studied International Relations at American University, volunteered for various organizations, and have recently returned from a 5 month tour of our National Parks. Currently an EMT/Wildland Fire & SAR student.

iPhone SE specs: What Apple changed

At its “Let us loop you in” event in Cupertino today, Apple announced the iPhone SE, meant to complement the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. In short, Apple’s 10th-generation phone is designed to bring back the 4-inch form factor.

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Exercise and Learning

Smart people can exercise, too. In fact, more of them should! Exercise boosts creativity, clarity, and enhances memory. Who doesn’t want to be able to recall the new information they just learned? So, here’s a great article on a study that was conducted on this subject matter! Enjoy.



A new adventure!

It has been way too long since my last post! I have been busy with some new and exciting things.

After turning 30, yes, 30. I decided I needed to reach some new goals. Being as intellectually curious as I am, I decided to dive full-time in learning iOS Development. Code has been a hobby of mine for about a year now, and it has become an obsession. Life fitness, iOS development has become a puzzle I MUST figure out!  In my quest to become a Junior iOS Developer, I designed my own iOS Bootcamp to learn both Swift and Objective-C programming languages, where I will finish with a portfolio of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps. To chronicle this journey, I started a new blog just for this. I posted the entire bootcamp outline, full calendar, and I will be including plenty of screen shots of my progress. Later, there will be video, especially of the apps I develop!

This might seem like it has nothing to do with fitness, and perhaps, for many in the tech industry, it DOESN’T. In fact, fitness is probably the last thing on a developer’s mind. Many of them are probably out of shape. I am of a different mind. I believe keeping the mind sharp by continuously learning a skill set like programming is a healthy and important thing. It is very much in line with staying fit!

So, in the next three months during my iOS Bootcamp program, I will be keeping in touch on THIS blog keeping you updated on my quest for 10 more muscle pounds, and how I am juggling exercise with a heavy programming workload. It is not impossible! You could say this is my own little experiment, and I am the lab rat.

If you would like to follow my bootcamp progress, my blog is:



I hope to see you there! I appreciate your support!



Book Out Now! GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight!


For this month ONLY I am offering FREE copies of my first fitness iBook, GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight! First come, first serve. Get yours today!

Fit 4Millennial

Book Out Now! GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight!

After hundreds of hours, dozens of sleepless nights, and buddha patience, my iBook is now published! Working in iBooks Author was a great learning experience that was both fun and challenging. Creating interactive graphics and video for a book took my concept of what “book” means to outside the box and to something much better. Once the title is updated, it will be searchable in the iBook Store!
GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight
Looking forward to resuming work on the second iBook for this series!

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Tastes Like Apple Pie, but Isn’t!

I can’t believe it’s not Apple Pie!

Yeah, ok, so maybe these are not pie- look-a-likes, but they just might give you a more adventurous Winter. If you are like me and you can do some serious damage to an apple pie, but get bored easily, here’s some alternatives. Apple-Pie-Smoothie


Avoiding Hitting the Wall : Staying Driven


So, in the midst of releasing my second fitness iBook, and starting my second novel, I have also picked up learning mobile development. Taking on the challenge to learn both Objective-C and Swift is no small or humble task; it can be hellish. So, you would suspect my focus on my own fitness to falter. In a strange way, staying this busy actually reminds me to hit the gym.

Crazy talk! How can that be!? Everyone knows you cannot workout at a gym when you’re in school and/or working full time. Well, I do it. Anyone can do it. It just takes one thing. This is important. One word: DRIVE.

Eating right, and remembering to sleep is sometimes difficult when your mind is swarming with UI Viewcontrollers, Extrapolations, JSON, and the like; ( and we won’t even go into all the stuff I’m learning in my Torts course for my legal studies!) but somehow, someway, it works. I have found that working out keeps my sleep more regular, whether I like it or not, and this keeps my physical condition top notch. It also keeps me hungry. Everyone knows studying rigorously can kill the appetite. Without question. Working out keeps this in check, as well.

Yes, it seems all is well. I am knocking out Torts with straight A’s, catching integers and variables like a pro in xCode, while maintaining a productive routine in the weight room. Still, there is that old age risk of hitting THE WALL. Hitting the peak. Its scary. My key to avoiding this horrible crash is to walk my dog throughout the day, and step away from everything for 30 minutes at a time. It does wonders.

And so, my food is about done, and I’m ready for the day. The adventure continues!

Recipe: Slow Cooker Vegan Pumpkin Curry — Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn


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I go back and forth on what I think is the most useful piece of equipment in my kitchen. My cast iron skillet is always high on the list, as is a good Dutch oven.

But these days, as it gets colder, I think my slow cooker is definitely in the top spot. When you realize that you can make wonderful dishes like this vegan pumpkin curry while you are gone, it’s easy to see why the slow cooker is #1.



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