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GymMutt Fitness iBook Series

In this section I will post my series of fitness iBooks. The new iBook platform is an incredible opportunity for the fitness community to expand the many idea’s that are out there and effectively reach the reader to these concepts. For too long, it has been a never ending struggle to engage the reader as much as the actual exercises do. From paper, word, to the reader, we have been limited to pictures and descriptive instructions. Not anymore. Those days are gone. It has been a thrill to learn how to use this tool and to create books that are not only informative but also engaging. My hope is that they are useful to you and help you reach your goals. After all, that’s the whole point of becoming healthy!

First installment is here!

5EasyStepsLosingWeightiBook1.600x600-75 In GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight, I walk you through the necessary steps to losing weight. In it, I show you:

How to use any gym you come across without fear, with exercise routines, demonstrations, and tips!

How to diet for maximum fat burn and boost your metabolism

How to recover from your great workouts

How to have fun while doing it!

I have taken full advantage of the iPad features to bring you a fully interactive fitness book that is anything but your typical health and fitness book. I include video, interactive graphics, to bring you the science in the most accessible way, and then I make it practical for real life use. Get the results you want, without the hype and b.s.! Lead a healthier life and have fun doing it!

Now in iTunes!



Second Installment NOW available!

GymMutt Fitness 10 Myths Keeping YOU From a Healthier Life: Breaking the Excuses for a Healthier You


Have you ever thought your work got in the way of you living a healthier life? Is your family not supportive of you becoming more fit? For many people, these reasons, and more, get in the way of them achieving the bodies they want. This book breaks down 10 of the most popular excuses people give themselves to not workout, and examining how human physiology proves these myths wrong. The second half of the book then goes into The Fundamentals. Through easy to follow instructions and visuals, The Fundamentals walks you through the most important exercises to have in your gym bag. There are no excuses when it comes to your fitness. Achieve the healthier lifestyle you want!

10 Myths Breaks down those pesky excuses we all have run into at one time or another. Some of the excuses my book destroys include:

1. Family- A hectic family life can make it near impossible to focus much time or energy on our own health.

2. Work- A jerk boss or gossiping co-workers can make our workload seem even heavier, leaving us exhausted after work. No one could possibly hit the gym after hours of that!

3. Money- Sometimes bills are high and there’s just none extra to cover expensive gym memberships or workout classes. Hey, don’t forget those expensive supplements! If you’re not a millionaire, there’s no way you could ever get fit!

My book handles these silly yet common excuses and much more, providing you a guideline to follow and some easy to follow tips on how to work around these obstacles. I also provide a bonus section with many exercises, easy to follow instructions, and a helpful walk through on what to do at the gym or home gym. Here’s your chance to take on those reasons NOT to workout and get that body you want.

GymMutt Fitness 10 Myths Keeping YOU From a Healthier Life: Breaking the Excuses for a Healthier You by Travis Deaton, I.S.S.A. 

Now in iTunes!



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