Caveman Workout!


Sick workout! The only thing I would add are some leg training exercises. At the least, I would have a circuit mirroring this one for legs. Gotta train legs!

Love this circuit. Go ahead and try it, see what you think. Kill it!







Cavewoman Workout a Hit With Modern Women


Feel like you’re waisting your time at the gym?

Not burning enough fat to meet your goal?

Well, you’re in luck.

Our bodies are designed to be functional, and to lift heavy crap, and perform at high speed. Agility, stamina, we all have ’em. But we don’t always use them. The caveman, or cavewoman, workouts are an incredible addition for your workout regimen. It will launch your metabolic beast into over drive and burn an insane amount of fat. You will also build muscle, too. How badass is that?

It’s pretty sweet. So, if you’re not afraid of sweat. Go for it. Prove to yourself you can.