Winter Season: Weak Muscle, or TIGHT Muscle?


Great short vid on whether your “weak” muscle is actually just tight and off balance. An important and valuable question for anyone who trains. Many of my clients suffered from this mix up. The muscles my clients perceived as weak or actually in fact very tight and off balance. While they were strong, their power couldn’t be utilized fully. Once we corrected the balance issues, and fixed alignment, that muscle typically revealed itself to be quite strong. So strong it usually shocked the crap out of my clients.

So, if you feel tightness, and the amount of weight your pushing doesn’t seem to be going up much, you may be experiencing this very event. Correct alignment first, and stretch that baby out!

Good luck!


Elliott on Avoiding Self Sabotage


Elliott Hulse talks about maintaining the gains you have obtained over the past year, and taking the down time season to recoup. Great motivating video on how NOT TO SELF SABOTAGE yourself after you have already obtained so much.

As in nature, we all have our seasons. If you find yourself struggling to continue the high energy, high activity mode you’ve had for months, then it might be your season to cool down. Recovery is the most important part of fitness, and obtaining that new body thats stronger and more powerful.