Healthy Breakfast!

Goooooood Morning Saturday!

So, like me and anyone who works out or lives a healthy life, you are going to make a nice breakfast. Eggs will no doubt be in the mix. Like any morning, you have scrambled, or fried. To be adventurous, after the hundredth morning, you try adding some pepper. Eventually you graduate to fresh diced chives and sautéed gourmet mushrooms. Yeah, awesome, for sure. But WHY stop there??

No, the adventure continues. There is hope for the “boring egg syndrome”. Here it is, my friends, an answer. Give it a read, give it a try, and let me know what ya think!


Awesome Lecture on Amino Acids: What Makes Our Protein?


Great lecture on the biochemistry of the amino acids structure, enzymes, and the process of protein synthesis. One of the ways to be healthy, is to learn about the process! Enjoy! The professors is very good.

Paleo Diet and Biochemistry


This is a great video. For those of us who might have slept through biology class, this is a great and pragmatic run down on what metabolism is, and how the body uses energy. If you are a fan of Paleo diet and training, this is a real treat for you. If you are on the fence, this is especially great for you. The science behind Paleo.