Grow Your Own!


In my days as a pallet builder for a paper company I built thousands of these things. Growing my own veggies would have been a better use of those pallets than what they were used for!  No need to build your own, most pallets are just thrown away after one use. What a waste! Finding one is easy. Visit your local grocery store or retail store, and you’re sure to find at least one awesome pallet. Then follow this graphic. Before you know it, you have a full blown garden that takes up no space at all! 

Be healthy, its easy. 


Active Meditation by Paul Chek


If you have a boss you don’t like- like me- or you have a coworker that is driving you crazy, taking that anger, frustration, and aggravation in a purposeful manner can yield tremendous healing results. In this video, the one and only Paul Chek takes us through a fantastic exercise routine to release those negative vibes. I have found this exercise extremely helpful, and hope it does good for you!

Benefits of Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

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6 Pack Abs and Never Wasting a Crunch


Is it really all that hard to get abs? Is there a secret? For years I was doing things wrong. But now, that’s mine. After realizing I was making no gains, I knew there was something I had overlooked. And then it hit me, I was doing things too fast. Truth be told, I’ve had at least a four pack since middle school. For a long time though, I was doing crunches the wrong way. As I see happen so many times at the gym, a lot of people fall victim to doing crunches totally wrong. They wonder why they don’t have the abs I now have. They wonder why they’re even bothering with crunches anymore, obviously THEY cannot develop the 6 pack.

And this is where most people drop the whole thing and quit. They convince themselves they are genetically unable to build a 6 pack of abs.

Truth about abs is this: WE ALL HAVE ABDOMINALS. Not a single one of us lack this possession. So therefor, WE ALL CAN HAVE GREAT LOOKING ABS.

When working  your abs, keep this one thing in mind: GO SLOW. The slower and more controlled you are, the more effective the exercise will be. Your abdominals are designed to withstand a large load of fast twitch actions. Going slow, however, takes a lot more effort. A simple crunch, kept at 40 degree angle max, and a slow, concentrated contraction, will yield the unmistakable burn of a 6 pack being created.

That’s one part of it, though.

The other is FAT. We all have it. But some may have more of it than others. I myself have been lucky to not have much of it. But that’s made bulking up more difficult. That’s my challenge. But for those who have extra weight to lose before their 6 pack is revealed, simple slow cardio is the key.

As I mentioned before in a previous post on cardio machines, light and slow cardio is far more effective in burning fat than running is. Doing this will shed that layer masking the results you feel you have obtained.

Whenever you feel doubtful, just remember, you have the same abdominal muscles that I have, and that everyone with a 6 pack has. We’re all human, none of us are superhuman.






Cavewoman Workout a Hit With Modern Women


Feel like you’re waisting your time at the gym?

Not burning enough fat to meet your goal?

Well, you’re in luck.

Our bodies are designed to be functional, and to lift heavy crap, and perform at high speed. Agility, stamina, we all have ’em. But we don’t always use them. The caveman, or cavewoman, workouts are an incredible addition for your workout regimen. It will launch your metabolic beast into over drive and burn an insane amount of fat. You will also build muscle, too. How badass is that?

It’s pretty sweet. So, if you’re not afraid of sweat. Go for it. Prove to yourself you can.

Winter Season: Weak Muscle, or TIGHT Muscle?


Great short vid on whether your “weak” muscle is actually just tight and off balance. An important and valuable question for anyone who trains. Many of my clients suffered from this mix up. The muscles my clients perceived as weak or actually in fact very tight and off balance. While they were strong, their power couldn’t be utilized fully. Once we corrected the balance issues, and fixed alignment, that muscle typically revealed itself to be quite strong. So strong it usually shocked the crap out of my clients.

So, if you feel tightness, and the amount of weight your pushing doesn’t seem to be going up much, you may be experiencing this very event. Correct alignment first, and stretch that baby out!

Good luck!

Elliott on Avoiding Self Sabotage


Elliott Hulse talks about maintaining the gains you have obtained over the past year, and taking the down time season to recoup. Great motivating video on how NOT TO SELF SABOTAGE yourself after you have already obtained so much.

As in nature, we all have our seasons. If you find yourself struggling to continue the high energy, high activity mode you’ve had for months, then it might be your season to cool down. Recovery is the most important part of fitness, and obtaining that new body thats stronger and more powerful.




To get through an aggressive workout mode, sometimes it’s best to see it as a battle. War. War against excuses, self doubt, and pain. War against the naysayers, yes, and even a war against the weather. This winter might be a heavy snow season, and getting to and from the gym will be such a great epic EPIC tempting excuse. 

When you see the snow, so…. Oh HELL NO. 

And march right to the gym. 

If you’re relatively close to your gym, walk there. Use the snow for the added resistance. What do you think sand does at the beach? Same principle. USE IT. You’ll burn fat calories like a boss. 

If you’re not close to your gym, then crap, go for a walk!! One hour walk, trudge through that white stuff! 

There are times when people around you drive you absolutely crazy with their winter moaning, …and even rage. Use it. It’s their winter blues, and your fuel. Blast out weights, use the snow for some cardio resistance, and see your progress grow through leaps and bounds during the season when everyone else is packing on the inches on their belt. 

Every time you say to yourself, “maybe not today, the snow is heavy”, that’s when you immediately say, “Just go. Go for it”. Go to the gym. Don’t lose the war over some little snow flakes.