Work-Fitness Balance: How to Manage Fitness When You’re Busy

Leading a busy career and working on your feet for long hours can make working out a difficult idea to consider. Impossible, even! On day’s that your feet feel sore, it can be easy, even excusable to skip the gym for a day. But, after awhile, that soon becomes an everyday thing: “I’ll just go tomorrow, I’m too sore today”. Yeah, I’ve been there too. It SUCKS. It could take months to get back into the full swing of things, so the easiest thing to do is to take note from someone who knows. A man with a plan, Marcus is a busy Chef in a busy city, and makes time for his own fitness. In this video, the Chef takes us on a run-through of his workout routine, and how he manages fitness-work balance. Watch it, and see how you can do the same in your life! Enjoy!


It’s here! My second fitness iBook is now available! Break the Excuses and get fit!


Have you ever thought your work got in the way of you living a healthier life? Is your family not supportive of you becoming more fit? For many people, these reasons, and more, get in the way of them achieving the bodies they want. This book breaks down 10 of the most popular excuses people give themselves to not workout, and examining how human physiology proves these myths wrong. The second half of the book then goes into The Fundamentals. Through easy to follow instructions and visuals, The Fundamentals walks you through the most important exercises to have in your gym bag. There are no excuses when it comes to your fitness. Achieve the healthier lifestyle you want!

10 Myths Breaks down those pesky excuses we all have run into at one time or another. Some of the excuses my book destroys include:

1. Family– A hectic family life can make it near impossible to focus much time or energy on our own health.

2. Work– A jerk boss or gossiping co-workers can make our workload seem even heavier, leaving us exhausted after work. No one could possibly hit the gym after hours of that!

3. Money– Sometimes bills are high and there’s just none extra to cover expensive gym memberships or workout classes. Hey, don’t forget those expensive supplements! If you’re not a millionaire, there’s no way you could ever get fit!

My book handles these silly yet common excuses and much more, providing you a guideline to follow and some easy to follow tips on how to work around these obstacles. I also provide a bonus section with many exercises, easy to follow instructions, and a helpful walk through on what to do at the gym or home gym. Here’s your chance to take on those reasons NOT to workout and get that body you want.

GymMutt Fitness 10 Myths Keeping YOU From a Healthier Life: Breaking the Excuses for a Healthier You by Travis Deaton, I.S.S.A.

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4 Hours of Exams Can’t Stop This!


4 Hours of Exams Can't Stop This!

This Tuesday I had four brutal hours of exams to march through. All essays, and all kinds of difficult. My stress meter was a whopping 1 billion knots. Yeah, my stress was so bad I’m surprised I didn’t just drop. But the exams went without any “oh crap I don’t know what to write” moments, and they were over before I knew it.

I felt like I had been through a mosh pit, but I was still standing!

So, you know me. I couldn’t just go home and sleep. Nah. I had to get my sweat suit on. I had a mission at hand. Yeah buddy. Time to workout! It had been awhile-too long- since I last had a great back workout. So lats, delta, and arms were on the menu.

2x light dumbbell rotator cuff rotation warm up
2x light dumbbell shoulder press warm up
3x progressive dumbbell hammer curl warm up
2x progressive dumbbell bicep curl warm up

Done with that warm up. Now the real work…

3x lat pull downs- 100ibs, 135ibs, 165ibs. 8-10 each.
3x one arm dumbbell row- 55ibs, 65ibs, 75ibs. 4-6 each.
Chin ups- 4x for 2

Alternating dumbbell lateral raises- 25ibs, 45ibs, 55ibs. 8-10 each
One arm cable lateral raise- 10ibs, 25ibs, 35ibs. 4-6 each
Dumbbell shoulder press- 25ibs, 35ibs, 45ibs. 5 each

Cable rope tricep extensions- 45ibs, 75ibs, 125ibs. 6-10 each
Overhead one arm dumbbell tricep extension- 15ibs, 25ibs. 5 each

Cable bar bicep curls- 65ibs, 85ibs, 125ibs. 10 each
Alternating Dumbbell curls- 45ibs, 55ibs, 65ibs. 6 or 7 each.
Dumbbell negative curls- 15ibs, 20ibs, 25ibs. 4 each.

Then I was toast. Completely toast. So I went outside in the nice weather and walked 2 miles on a trail. Relaxing, and oxygen richness I just couldn’t pass up! Then went and ate two meals. BAM.

Individual Journey

We are all on our own journey through life. 

In our fitness, in our careers, and in our own mind; we are in a journey that is ours, and only ours. Sometimes, when we see someone in our family or workplace go through a change- by design or accident- we experience selfish feelings. Its natural.  When someone begin to see huge results in the gym, we may ask, “Why him?” “Why is She getting results and I’m not!?” “Thats not right.” We say these things to ourselves, and thinking nothing of it. We may not even realize we’re saying it. 

When someone in our family goes for a change, the same thing happens. Yesterday, I helped my sister and mom move into their new apartment they got together. My mom was living with her sister, and my sister was living with me, and we came accustomed to this. My aunt and I were going through the same thing. She didn’t want my mom to move, but it was the right thing for her to do. For my mom, she needed a change. For HER journey, it was required. My aunt doesn’t realize it, but she merged her and my moms journey’s together, when they never really were. I did the same thing with my sister. I knew it was a temporary thing, but still, I am only human. Me and my aunt were asking “why?” “why the change?” After all was moved in, I sat on their couch in the living room, and it dawned on me. I had unknowingly felt these selfish feelings. I looked at it from the perspective of my mom and sister, and saw that from their vantage point, it was a happy thing. A new adventure. A new achievement. I could see from their point how selfish it would to see the people around you to feel objectionable. “This is my day, I have this new place, be happy for me.” So, I threw out the completely natural feelings of objecting to unwanted change, and EMBRACED their new gain. They have gained something, and I am there to support their journey. Their individual journeys. 

It is also fun to note that the person who helped me move their stuff was a former boss of mine who fired me. We get along, but I totally disagree with his business practices and how her operates things. But, putting those aside, I was happy to accept his help. Life is a journey, and you never know what the next turn will be. A series of ironies. A series of surprises. It is all a part of it. Sooner or later, both my mom and sister will go through the same feelings that me and my aunt did. They too will need to realize that their journeys are individual, and they must own it. 

In the gym, the person next to you, is not your rival. They are not your team mate. They are not related or connected to your workout at all. They might help, but that is all. They are not merged in with your journey to fitness. Don’t become discouraged when someone make more gains than you. Your journey is special, individualized, and your own. Embrace it, and you will see the results you overlooked. Image

Primal Fitness in Modern Age


This is exactly what our bodies were designed to do! Do you have backyard chores to do? A garden to build in the spring? Do you have home repairs that you know will be a pain? Here’s how to make all of that a great and fun workout! This guy totally gets it!

For thousands of years, humans were lifting, walking, running, building, and shaping nature to meet their needs. They weren’t sitting down on couches all day and drinking soda. They were outside building shelters, infrastructures, and maintaining their land. In this video, a “non-backyard gym” is demonstrated by a father and his daughter. Knocking out hows chores while getting one of the best workouts I’ve seen on youtube. There is a reason this man is JACKED! Guys, you have to watch this!


Old School Workout in the SNOW


Some great exercises here. If you do not have a keg handy, grab a heavy bag of anything (as long as the bag is strong enough), and substitute the keg with that. For leg press, if you have a porch, you can use the ledge for this exercise.

Working out in the snow is a great calorie blasting move that’ll take your conditioning to a truly new level in no time at all.

Have fun!
Good luck!