Primal Fitness in Modern Age


This is exactly what our bodies were designed to do! Do you have backyard chores to do? A garden to build in the spring? Do you have home repairs that you know will be a pain? Here’s how to make all of that a great and fun workout! This guy totally gets it!

For thousands of years, humans were lifting, walking, running, building, and shaping nature to meet their needs. They weren’t sitting down on couches all day and drinking soda. They were outside building shelters, infrastructures, and maintaining their land. In this video, a “non-backyard gym” is demonstrated by a father and his daughter. Knocking out hows chores while getting one of the best workouts I’ve seen on youtube. There is a reason this man is JACKED! Guys, you have to watch this!



No Excuses!

Heavy day learning how to use xCode5, and racking by brain with all the details of programming. It can be maddening, but awesome at the same time! Time consuming, yes….YES, for sure. Still got a work out in though. You know it! Excuses? What excuses? Study for a couple hours before work, and still get a workout in. How though, you might ask? Well, it was pretty damn simple. 

I grabbed a laptop bag, stuffed it with old college books that I paid hundreds of dollars for back when I was on my way to earning a BA, zipped that sucker up, and threw it on my back. 50ibs push ups right in my bedroom. Supersets, and CRUSHED IT! 

Don’t forget lateral raises. Dropped the bag weight to about 15ibs, did two sets each shoulder, and upped the antics with 25ibs, for two more sets. 

Not the best upper body workout, but a nice quicky to get the day started. Took all but 10 minutes! 

What’s your excuse?