Work-Fitness Balance: How to Manage Fitness When You’re Busy

Leading a busy career and working on your feet for long hours can make working out a difficult idea to consider. Impossible, even! On day’s that your feet feel sore, it can be easy, even excusable to skip the gym for a day. But, after awhile, that soon becomes an everyday thing: “I’ll just go tomorrow, I’m too sore today”. Yeah, I’ve been there too. It SUCKS. It could take months to get back into the full swing of things, so the easiest thing to do is to take note from someone who knows. A man with a plan, Marcus is a busy Chef in a busy city, and makes time for his own fitness. In this video, the Chef takes us on a run-through of his workout routine, and how he manages fitness-work balance. Watch it, and see how you can do the same in your life! Enjoy!


Benefits of Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

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Beating a Sluggish Day

How do you wake up a sluggish, slow starting day? 

I don’t know. I usually go for a walk with my dog. That gets me started. After that, usually drink a couple cups of coffee, and head to the nearest weights. SMASH IT! And then I feel alive again. Pretty basic. 

But what if you don’t have weights? Or worse, a gym? 

Winters coming soon, maybe already here, and there will be days where the gym is closed. Last year, this worse case scenario hit me like a ton of bricks: On Leg Day. The worst possible day to miss out a workout. For me, leg day is the key stone to any routine. Nothing makes you stronger! 

So what did I do? Cry? Weep in a dark corner, sobbing, and muttering nonsense? Nah. I took my old ass 90’s box tv set and SQUATTED THAT THING! Front squat madness. Did that for a couple sets, started getting my heart rate up, and I was off. Next was stuffing my gym bag with those expensive textbooks I spent a fortune on, and SLAM! I had myself the makings a leg press.

Not quite. It wasn’t very heavy for me. I also had someone help me stabilize the bag so it wouldn’t crush me. Note on safety! LOL 

So, I grabbed another gym bag and stuffed that with books. These are very large, full size gym bags, mind you. Stack the two together, and pressed the shit out of them. Deep, slow, controlled, meticulous movements. Got a pretty good burn going in the quads and hamstrings. By now I was feeling awesome with myself. But I wasn’t done. 

I took the first bag, held it up to my chest with both arms-hands supine- and ran up the stairs and back down. CRUSHED IT! 


It felt so good I had to do more. I stacked the second bag up and tried to sprint up the stairs, but it was too difficult. So I switched to more concentrated lunges up the stairs. An incredible leg and full body workout at this point was kicking my butt. This stupid plan was working! Did two sets of this, and WAM! I was done. Burned and alive. 

So, this winter, don’t let that old fart Winter ruin your day by killing your workout! There is always a way to get your sweat in. 


No Excuses!

Heavy day learning how to use xCode5, and racking by brain with all the details of programming. It can be maddening, but awesome at the same time! Time consuming, yes….YES, for sure. Still got a work out in though. You know it! Excuses? What excuses? Study for a couple hours before work, and still get a workout in. How though, you might ask? Well, it was pretty damn simple. 

I grabbed a laptop bag, stuffed it with old college books that I paid hundreds of dollars for back when I was on my way to earning a BA, zipped that sucker up, and threw it on my back. 50ibs push ups right in my bedroom. Supersets, and CRUSHED IT! 

Don’t forget lateral raises. Dropped the bag weight to about 15ibs, did two sets each shoulder, and upped the antics with 25ibs, for two more sets. 

Not the best upper body workout, but a nice quicky to get the day started. Took all but 10 minutes! 

What’s your excuse?