It’s here! My second fitness iBook is now available! Break the Excuses and get fit!


Have you ever thought your work got in the way of you living a healthier life? Is your family not supportive of you becoming more fit? For many people, these reasons, and more, get in the way of them achieving the bodies they want. This book breaks down 10 of the most popular excuses people give themselves to not workout, and examining how human physiology proves these myths wrong. The second half of the book then goes into The Fundamentals. Through easy to follow instructions and visuals, The Fundamentals walks you through the most important exercises to have in your gym bag. There are no excuses when it comes to your fitness. Achieve the healthier lifestyle you want!

10 Myths Breaks down those pesky excuses we all have run into at one time or another. Some of the excuses my book destroys include:

1. Family– A hectic family life can make it near impossible to focus much time or energy on our own health.

2. Work– A jerk boss or gossiping co-workers can make our workload seem even heavier, leaving us exhausted after work. No one could possibly hit the gym after hours of that!

3. Money– Sometimes bills are high and there’s just none extra to cover expensive gym memberships or workout classes. Hey, don’t forget those expensive supplements! If you’re not a millionaire, there’s no way you could ever get fit!

My book handles these silly yet common excuses and much more, providing you a guideline to follow and some easy to follow tips on how to work around these obstacles. I also provide a bonus section with many exercises, easy to follow instructions, and a helpful walk through on what to do at the gym or home gym. Here’s your chance to take on those reasons NOT to workout and get that body you want.

GymMutt Fitness 10 Myths Keeping YOU From a Healthier Life: Breaking the Excuses for a Healthier You by Travis Deaton, I.S.S.A.

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Individual Journey

We are all on our own journey through life. 

In our fitness, in our careers, and in our own mind; we are in a journey that is ours, and only ours. Sometimes, when we see someone in our family or workplace go through a change- by design or accident- we experience selfish feelings. Its natural.  When someone begin to see huge results in the gym, we may ask, “Why him?” “Why is She getting results and I’m not!?” “Thats not right.” We say these things to ourselves, and thinking nothing of it. We may not even realize we’re saying it. 

When someone in our family goes for a change, the same thing happens. Yesterday, I helped my sister and mom move into their new apartment they got together. My mom was living with her sister, and my sister was living with me, and we came accustomed to this. My aunt and I were going through the same thing. She didn’t want my mom to move, but it was the right thing for her to do. For my mom, she needed a change. For HER journey, it was required. My aunt doesn’t realize it, but she merged her and my moms journey’s together, when they never really were. I did the same thing with my sister. I knew it was a temporary thing, but still, I am only human. Me and my aunt were asking “why?” “why the change?” After all was moved in, I sat on their couch in the living room, and it dawned on me. I had unknowingly felt these selfish feelings. I looked at it from the perspective of my mom and sister, and saw that from their vantage point, it was a happy thing. A new adventure. A new achievement. I could see from their point how selfish it would to see the people around you to feel objectionable. “This is my day, I have this new place, be happy for me.” So, I threw out the completely natural feelings of objecting to unwanted change, and EMBRACED their new gain. They have gained something, and I am there to support their journey. Their individual journeys. 

It is also fun to note that the person who helped me move their stuff was a former boss of mine who fired me. We get along, but I totally disagree with his business practices and how her operates things. But, putting those aside, I was happy to accept his help. Life is a journey, and you never know what the next turn will be. A series of ironies. A series of surprises. It is all a part of it. Sooner or later, both my mom and sister will go through the same feelings that me and my aunt did. They too will need to realize that their journeys are individual, and they must own it. 

In the gym, the person next to you, is not your rival. They are not your team mate. They are not related or connected to your workout at all. They might help, but that is all. They are not merged in with your journey to fitness. Don’t become discouraged when someone make more gains than you. Your journey is special, individualized, and your own. Embrace it, and you will see the results you overlooked. Image

Lion Whisperer: Infinitely Inspiring



Amazing video and an amazing mission. I had to share this with you guys. To see such powerful creatures in the wild reveal their more interactive and social side inspires. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Support this guys mission.

New Year’s Resolution: 2014


For 2013, my resolution was to go back to school. Did that. Now for 2014, my NYR is to ground myself in the best version of myself and motivate. Key tool of choice to achieve this? The weights. The weight room for me is a sanctuary. By experimenting with new weight lifting techniques, stretching, and deep breathing exercises, the body inside and out become better adept to all areas of life.

For 2014, I have many goals. In addition to continuing my education, I will be:

launching my workout Youtube channel, releasing two fitness iBooks, and release two fitness apps.

The goals is to not only to grow stronger as an individual, but to better serve others. By sharing my knowledge, and reaching more people, I will be better for it.

* You could also say my NYR is also to bulk up as much as humanly possible :p For 2014 Im going to be blasting some major weight!

Get it going!

6 Pack Abs and Never Wasting a Crunch


Is it really all that hard to get abs? Is there a secret? For years I was doing things wrong. But now, that’s mine. After realizing I was making no gains, I knew there was something I had overlooked. And then it hit me, I was doing things too fast. Truth be told, I’ve had at least a four pack since middle school. For a long time though, I was doing crunches the wrong way. As I see happen so many times at the gym, a lot of people fall victim to doing crunches totally wrong. They wonder why they don’t have the abs I now have. They wonder why they’re even bothering with crunches anymore, obviously THEY cannot develop the 6 pack.

And this is where most people drop the whole thing and quit. They convince themselves they are genetically unable to build a 6 pack of abs.

Truth about abs is this: WE ALL HAVE ABDOMINALS. Not a single one of us lack this possession. So therefor, WE ALL CAN HAVE GREAT LOOKING ABS.

When working  your abs, keep this one thing in mind: GO SLOW. The slower and more controlled you are, the more effective the exercise will be. Your abdominals are designed to withstand a large load of fast twitch actions. Going slow, however, takes a lot more effort. A simple crunch, kept at 40 degree angle max, and a slow, concentrated contraction, will yield the unmistakable burn of a 6 pack being created.

That’s one part of it, though.

The other is FAT. We all have it. But some may have more of it than others. I myself have been lucky to not have much of it. But that’s made bulking up more difficult. That’s my challenge. But for those who have extra weight to lose before their 6 pack is revealed, simple slow cardio is the key.

As I mentioned before in a previous post on cardio machines, light and slow cardio is far more effective in burning fat than running is. Doing this will shed that layer masking the results you feel you have obtained.

Whenever you feel doubtful, just remember, you have the same abdominal muscles that I have, and that everyone with a 6 pack has. We’re all human, none of us are superhuman.

Don’t Give Up

It’s easy. 

The easiest thing to do. 

What is it?


That’s right, getting up and doing the workout is EASIER than giving up. But why? Because, when you give up your workout, you’re giving up on yourself. There’s a lot of guilt weighing in when you give up on yourself. The lowest of the low can come from giving up on yourself. Sense of doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, can all come from simply giving up on your own health. It’s probably another mechanism for survival that our bodies have adopted over thousands of years. To give up on our own health is to giving up and handing ourselves to the wolves. 

From the perspective of our bodies, they do not care about the excuses we give ourselves. They do not care that this or that component of your life is taking your focus. It doesn’t care how fit other people are. It doesn’t give a damn about the weather. 

Your body is one heck of a machine that is built to harden, get ripped, and take on any amount of weights or distance that is forced upon it. There are various systems installed, hardwired for survival. Hardwired systems designed to utilize energy in the best way possible for any situation. 

It’s up to you if you want the guilt of handing yourself to the wolves, or the joy and elation of picking up that workout and giving your body the freedom it wants.  

Choice is always YOURS.