It’s here! My second fitness iBook is now available! Break the Excuses and get fit!


Have you ever thought your work got in the way of you living a healthier life? Is your family not supportive of you becoming more fit? For many people, these reasons, and more, get in the way of them achieving the bodies they want. This book breaks down 10 of the most popular excuses people give themselves to not workout, and examining how human physiology proves these myths wrong. The second half of the book then goes into The Fundamentals. Through easy to follow instructions and visuals, The Fundamentals walks you through the most important exercises to have in your gym bag. There are no excuses when it comes to your fitness. Achieve the healthier lifestyle you want!

10 Myths Breaks down those pesky excuses we all have run into at one time or another. Some of the excuses my book destroys include:

1. Family– A hectic family life can make it near impossible to focus much time or energy on our own health.

2. Work– A jerk boss or gossiping co-workers can make our workload seem even heavier, leaving us exhausted after work. No one could possibly hit the gym after hours of that!

3. Money– Sometimes bills are high and there’s just none extra to cover expensive gym memberships or workout classes. Hey, don’t forget those expensive supplements! If you’re not a millionaire, there’s no way you could ever get fit!

My book handles these silly yet common excuses and much more, providing you a guideline to follow and some easy to follow tips on how to work around these obstacles. I also provide a bonus section with many exercises, easy to follow instructions, and a helpful walk through on what to do at the gym or home gym. Here’s your chance to take on those reasons NOT to workout and get that body you want.

GymMutt Fitness 10 Myths Keeping YOU From a Healthier Life: Breaking the Excuses for a Healthier You by Travis Deaton, I.S.S.A.

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New Year’s Resolution: 2014


For 2013, my resolution was to go back to school. Did that. Now for 2014, my NYR is to ground myself in the best version of myself and motivate. Key tool of choice to achieve this? The weights. The weight room for me is a sanctuary. By experimenting with new weight lifting techniques, stretching, and deep breathing exercises, the body inside and out become better adept to all areas of life.

For 2014, I have many goals. In addition to continuing my education, I will be:

launching my workout Youtube channel, releasing two fitness iBooks, and release two fitness apps.

The goals is to not only to grow stronger as an individual, but to better serve others. By sharing my knowledge, and reaching more people, I will be better for it.

* You could also say my NYR is also to bulk up as much as humanly possible :p For 2014 Im going to be blasting some major weight!

Get it going!

Reinvent Yourself

The first step to meeting any fitness goals, is allowing yourself to be reinvented. As you progress in your fitness routines, you will reach milestone gains, and along the way, you will change-inside and out. By the “end” of your transformation, you will not be the same person, with the same body that you began your journey with. Your body will be new, and it’ll have new capabilities. This is a POSITIVE. 

However, there will be great resistance. 

Your own psychological barriers you have set for yourself will resist the idea of change. How could you possibly be ok with changing? You are who you are. The person you become after reaching several of your fitness goals will still be you, just a STRONGER you. The “weak you” won’t like this. You will have to get over this.

Then there is the more pronounced psychological prison that comes from the outside. People in your life have come to know you in a certain prism. They may even keep you around because you either make themselves feel greater, or you reaffirm their bad habits. They will not want this to change, because then they will be left vulnerable. Resistance on their part is an understatement. You will grow stronger as you stay committed to your transformation, and they will grow ever more insecure. You will have to ignore this. People will throw every negative vibe your way, with total disregard for your happiness and even safety. Don’t think of theirs. They are on their own journey. Yours is one of strength, character, and self betterment. 

Don’t allow the detractors get you down. They know you’ll leave them in the dust. This is a good thing.