Avoiding Hitting the Wall : Staying Driven


So, in the midst of releasing my second fitness iBook, and starting my second novel, I have also picked up learning mobile development. Taking on the challenge to learn both Objective-C and Swift is no small or humble task; it can be hellish. So, you would suspect my focus on my own fitness to falter. In a strange way, staying this busy actually reminds me to hit the gym.

Crazy talk! How can that be!? Everyone knows you cannot workout at a gym when you’re in school and/or working full time. Well, I do it. Anyone can do it. It just takes one thing. This is important. One word: DRIVE.

Eating right, and remembering to sleep is sometimes difficult when your mind is swarming with UI Viewcontrollers, Extrapolations, JSON, and the like; ( and we won’t even go into all the stuff I’m learning in my Torts course for my legal studies!) but somehow, someway, it works. I have found that working out keeps my sleep more regular, whether I like it or not, and this keeps my physical condition top notch. It also keeps me hungry. Everyone knows studying rigorously can kill the appetite. Without question. Working out keeps this in check, as well.

Yes, it seems all is well. I am knocking out Torts with straight A’s, catching integers and variables like a pro in xCode, while maintaining a productive routine in the weight room. Still, there is that old age risk of hitting THE WALL. Hitting the peak. Its scary. My key to avoiding this horrible crash is to walk my dog throughout the day, and step away from everything for 30 minutes at a time. It does wonders.

And so, my food is about done, and I’m ready for the day. The adventure continues!


Aggravation from work

Stay up late at night? I do. Do you stay up late at night thinking about your day at work? Yeah, I’m right there. 

It keeps me up late sometimes, thinking about the annoying bits and pieces from work. My basic instinct is to launch, grab, and attack it. IT CAN’T DOMINATE ME!! But then it does, by keeping me wide awake ALL night. 

Everything in our daily lives revolve around the approach to attack. We set goals; attack! We want a person to fall in love with us; attack! We want our bosses to recognize all the hard work and production value we bring to the job; attack! But when it comes to falling asleep at night, we can’t exactly attack that one. We can’t force ourselves to sleep. To grab and launch at sleep. No. We “FALL” asleep. 

We pack on more and more stress throughout the day, whether your at work, or a full time student, you pack on more and more stress. It piles up! Then you go home, and what do you do with it? Nothing. You eat, watch tv, then toss and turn in bed wondering what’s wrong with you cause you just can’t sleep. 

All of that stress is still raging in your body. Bioenergetics is alive and well. Energy has to flow out, just as it flows in. If we don’t release all that energy in some physical way, it stays in. While some say a late night workout is great for muscle gains, to optimize muscle growth, the truth is, late night workouts are best for you sleep because you release all of the days stresses. Worn out from the day you had? Still stressed out? Workout. 

To fall asleep, we must “fall” asleep. We have to be receptive to “fall” into sleep, relaxed and ready. 

A nice walk outside is a good start, or lifting heavy objects in a blast approach, will do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll need a lot of coffee in the morning cause you were up all night!