Winter Blues and Fitness



This winter is INSANE! Snow storm after snow storm, and OH, don’t forget the Polar Vortex! How in the world is anybody suppose to get in a workout with all this?! How can anyone expect us to beat up winter blues with exercise? We can just stay at home, eat, watch tv, and sleep. Its more comfortable. 

Sure its comfortable. For now. Day after day of doing that though, you will find yourself more sad, and more lethargic than before. Your body isn’t moving, and your fighter instincts aren’t being tapped. Rather than moving for survival, your laying down in the “I GIVE UP” position. Your body hates this. On a very fundamental level, your genetics are repulsed by this. They want to survive! 

Ok, smarter pants, if my genes want to survive, then why do I feel so crumby? 

Simple. It all fits into one awesome, beautiful word: OXYGEN. Your cells get their energy from oxygen, and your blood becomes more robust and nutrient rich with oxygen. It all can only happen if YOU MOVE. 

There’s also been a lot of snow. Too much snow. It might not be safe to go outside to go to the gym, or to go for my morning jog. What then!? 

Your at home, stiff, and shut down. You’re creating a prison for your body. You are restricted, physically. The trick is to break those bans of muscular tightness. That’s where bioenergetics comes in. 

There is a great breathing and stretching exercise I have been doing a lot of lately, and its called The Bow. Perform with the mouth open, and continue PAST the point at which you begin to shake. Going beyond this point will be incredibly rewarding, and takes the exercise to a new level. I may get a chance to post a video of this exercise, but lately, I’ve been swamped with a lot of work. If you have a minute or two, you can find some great videos on this exercise. 

Oxidizing your cells and stretching the muscles that normally never get the chance to be stretched, will greatly enhance your mindset, and make you feel as if you put in your fitness for the day. Opening your body up, physically, so that it can receive oxygen. Your cells will be incredibly happy for it! 

Do the exercise for 20 deep open-mouthed breaths, and allow your body to tremble. 

Good luck! Fight that winter blues like a pro. 


Benefits of Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

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