Pumpkin Recipe for a NEW Thanksgiving !

Tired of the same old Thanksgiving routine? Here’s a shot of new. Pumpkin Tiramisu. Take the pumpkin pie desert to a new level. So good, even the pumpkin pie haters will love it!


Remember, awesome holiday meals DO NOT have to be the enemy to our fitness goals! You just have to put a little twist on it. Enjoy, this is awesome.


It’s always dark before the dawn




In our quest for strength, we come up against many obstacles. The nay sayers, the negative yappers, the weak and envious, and low budgets. At times, it can seem impossible. Even unrealistic to expect that we could possibly be selfish enough to think about our own health. The reasons for “no” pile up, while the reasons for “yes” seem harder and harder to see. The ship in the ocean becomes more difficult to see as it moves away from shore, and farther out to sea; but it’s still there. Our reasons to workout and care what we eat are still there, even if we can’t always see them. 

The cold weathers moving in, and this is great news for those who want to burn calories. The body burns far more calories during winter than any other time, but it has to be nurtured. You can’t stuff your face with chocolates and carb heavy yummy good stuff. Think of it this way, eat thanksgiving dinners on a regular basis, and workout. Just watch the fat melt off of you, and the muscle gains skyrocket. Moderate the sweets, drink water, and hit the gym no matter what. You won’t believe how winter is actually the best chance to get that body you never thought you could get.