Benefits of Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST.

A simple yet POWERFUL tool for faster recovery and improved performance. Foam rollers ARE A MUST. Advertisements

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To get through an aggressive workout mode, sometimes it’s best to see it as a battle. War. War against excuses, self doubt, and pain. War against the naysayers, yes, and even a war against the weather. This winter might be a heavy snow season, and getting to and from the gym will be such a great epic EPIC tempting excuse. 

When you see the snow, so…. Oh HELL NO. 

And march right to the gym. 

If you’re relatively close to your gym, walk there. Use the snow for the added resistance. What do you think sand does at the beach? Same principle. USE IT. You’ll burn fat calories like a boss. 

If you’re not close to your gym, then crap, go for a walk!! One hour walk, trudge through that white stuff! 

There are times when people around you drive you absolutely crazy with their winter moaning, …and even rage. Use it. It’s their winter blues, and your fuel. Blast out weights, use the snow for some cardio resistance, and see your progress grow through leaps and bounds during the season when everyone else is packing on the inches on their belt. 

Every time you say to yourself, “maybe not today, the snow is heavy”, that’s when you immediately say, “Just go. Go for it”. Go to the gym. Don’t lose the war over some little snow flakes. 

Snowy Mornings: A Great Opportunity

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. 

That morning when you step outside to walk your dog or start your car up, and you realize its a winter wonderland outside with snow on the trees and white stuff on the ground. Like this morning. Lots of people, almost all of your neighbors, will use that as a great excuse to NOT go for a jog or walk. But you, if you like the idea of fitness, will see this as a great opportunity. 

The body burns way more calories in the winter than any other time of the year. Everyone knows that. Or at least should. Your body is running full blast on the furnace meter, chugging down calories like an alcoholic on christmas morning. It is a RAGING MANIAC!!! It cannot get enough. And yet, you feel sapped, cold, and probably shivering. You don’t feel very strong at all. Well, that’s because you need more than your average calorie intake just to stay even. Winter is your deficit. But if you’re trying to shed some soft weight, some flab, then this is a great time to do that. Forget summer diet fads, winter is the all natural. 

Best thing you can do, is go for a light walk for 10 minutes first thing…FIRST THING in the morning, wearing no big heavy coat to keep you warm. YOU WANT TO BE COLD FOR THIS. Wearing a big warm coat will make this a big waste of time. Go for the walk, wearing maybe a jacket, but def at least a hoodie. Your body is going to DESTROY those fat calories. It is a beast, and it needs its food. Your body will DEVOUR your fat. 

Then, after you’re done with your light walk for 10mins, go inside, warm up! Down a full 8oz of water or two, and go on with your day. The water at the end is very important. You want to hydrate. You use a lot of water chasing those fatty calories, so your going to be thirsty. 

No big secret, no big mysterious FAD exercise. This is the real deal. If you want to lose 60 pounds or just 10 pounds, winter is your BEST FREAKIN FRIEND. 

Go out there and walk! 

After a long day

Sometimes a walk right after work, no matter what time of night, is the most liberating experience of an average day. It was a rough night, working solo for the most part, taking care of multiple things at a time, and doing everything in your power to keep things afloat. Its exhausting! No two ways about it! But, that can’t keep you from walking for 30 minutes. The walk is relaxing. Alone, with the moon and your surroundings, brings peace to the mind. The chaos from work long gone, is overtaken by the peaceful breeze and the pace you decide…no one else does. So many of my clients and would-be clients say they can’t find the energy for a short walk after work, but fail to realize that the walk is a lease on freedom. Fresh air fills your lungs, blood pumps into your legs, and all the stress just falls from your shoulders. Now what could possibly be better than that!?