Work Hard, Rest Hard


Great Paul Chek video on the importance of working hard, and RESTING HARD. There is no fitness without REST.
“We get stronger when we are resting”-Chek
Enjoy, and improve your performance!

GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight


If you want easy to use steps to losing weight, this iBook is for you. With tips on exercise and diet on losing weight, through video and interactive images, this book is fully engaging. Check it out!
GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight

Now in iTunes!

5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight!


New book for iPad coming this Spring!

In it, I outline 5 steps to losing weight in time for summer.

It includes tips on:

* Cardio
* Diet
* Weight Lifting
* Recovery
* Healthy Hobbies
Easy to use steps to shedding the weight and have fun doing it, through interactive graphics, video, and demonstrations.

Coming to the iBook Store
Made For iPad

Awesome Lecture on Amino Acids: What Makes Our Protein?


Great lecture on the biochemistry of the amino acids structure, enzymes, and the process of protein synthesis. One of the ways to be healthy, is to learn about the process! Enjoy! The professors is very good.

Paleo Diet and Biochemistry


This is a great video. For those of us who might have slept through biology class, this is a great and pragmatic run down on what metabolism is, and how the body uses energy. If you are a fan of Paleo diet and training, this is a real treat for you. If you are on the fence, this is especially great for you. The science behind Paleo.